Answering the “Product Vision” Questions With Something…Visionary

“What’s on our strategic roadmap?” “What’s our product vision?” If you’re the head of products or strategy in a B2B organization, you’re constantly fielding the “product vision and strategic roadmap” questions. A different approach to answering these questions will help you articulate a vision that energizes everyone and simplifies the execution of your product, marketing and sales plans. The Playbook:

Your answers to the “product vision and strategic roadmap” questions should accomplish three things:

  1. They should be communicated in a dialogue that everyone can understand and repeat.
  2. They should be aspirational with clear business goals.
  3. There should only be one version of the story.

What’s the secret to accomplishing all three? It’s simple! The narrative for your product vision and strategic portfolio roadmap should be customer-centric, not product-centric.

Get the paint-by-numbers formula and all the tools for creating a product vision and strategic portfolio roadmap that’s visionary. Register for our Strategic Portfolio Roadmapping Workshop in Atlanta, GA on March 28th, 2017.

It’s only $795 per person, and you’ll get everything you need to transform your inside-out product vision to an outside-in customer vision that accelerates growth.


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